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Add more joy & wellness to your life with Reiki & Crystal Healing

   Peaceful Valley Reiki (RAY-key) & Crystal Healing was created to help people and animals experience a peaceful way to improve their wellness. This holistic healing art aids the body by creating deep relaxation. Reiki promotes healing and improved health at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

   Situated in a beautiful area of the Western Catskills in a peaceful valley outside Hobart and Stamford, New York, Peaceful Valley Reiki & Crystal Healing offers support for your wellness journey. Healing comes from within you; wake up your own body's healing abilities with Reiki! Are you amazingly healthy already? Great--enjoy a Reiki session for your continued wellness and joy.

   You can learn how to do Reiki for yourself and for others; a Reiki class is a wonderful gift for you, your family, friends and animal companions.

Peaceful Valley Reiki  offers:

  • Usui, Karuna and Reiki Crystal Healing Sessions  (Distance Sessions only at this time)

  • Usui Reiki Classes   (Temporarily on hold)

  • Reiki for your Animal Friends   (Distance Sessions only at this time)

  • Reiki Gift Certificates for sessions & classes    (Distance Sessions only at this time)


Contact me by e-mail.  All sessions offered by appointment and for the present time are being done by distance Reiki sessions only. Enjoy Reiki in your own home!

      I wish you joy and peace,

              Myra Foland, Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner


   “I’ve known Myra Foland for many years and have experienced Reiki sessions with her on several occasions; I recently had an energy session with her that was beyond anything I’ve experienced before. The energy I felt was powerful, expansive and uplifting. I felt a definite shift in vibration and a heightened sense of well-being that has not diminished. Myra is a light worker in the purest sense of the word. She’s one of those people you immediately recognize as coming from the purest intentions of heart. Myra's talents and abilities as an energy practitioner are ever expanding and evolving, and I would highly recommend her as both a healing guide and teacher.“ -- Beth Purdy, Transformational Healing Facilitator

  "Reiki with Myra is always a special experience. With every session, I find a sense of peace and calm, which I can then carry with me and incorporate into my everyday life. Myra is truly a gifted Reiki Master as well as an all-around kind, generous, and warm spirit. I highly recommend receiving Reiki with Myra whether you are looking for healing, stress relief, or just overall well-being!"

       -- Anna, Artisan & Natural Products Creator, Willow & Birch Apothecary

  “From the first moment I entered Myra's office, healing began. I was able to feel the Reiki energy move thru my body helping me release and let go of tight bundles of tension and stress. I left refreshed ready to take on life again! ’’                                                                   -- Barbara Ellen, Aura Photos & Kinesiologist

Peaceful Valley Reiki & Crystal Healing

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