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My Path

   I first experienced Reiki sessions with my dear friend Alda Peinkofer in 1994.These sessions

were wonderfully relaxing. My wellness and spiritual journey reached a new level of joy

when I began my Reiki studies in 1996. In September 1996, I took my first Reiki class with

Kristine Kearns and my Level II teachers were Kristine Kearns and Cate LaBarre. I took my next

class in 1999 after a dear friend, Sue Herring, was diagnosed with cancer; Reiki was a huge

support to her and gave me a way to help Sue. I became a Reiki Master Teacher in July 2000

under the loving guidance of both Kris and Cate.

   I refreshed my Reiki training with William Rand, teacher and founder of the International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT), in August 2003. What a great experience! In 2005, my Reiki sister, Elyse Savoy and I traveled to our Karuna Reiki© Master training in Sedona with Laurelle Gaia, of the Infinite Light Healing Studies Center and the ICRT. Laurelle's compassionate teaching and being with my new Karuna family were life changing for me. I have been so blessed by all of my Reiki teachers and Reiki family for they have shown me how Reiki can help in my own personal healing and how Reiki makes a difference for all beings and the planet.

   In 2006 and 2007, I attended the Sound Healing Conferences in Sedona and learned about the healing power of sound. I

studied again with Laurelle Gaia and became a Reiki Crystal Healing Practitioner. I have been fortunate to attend the informational and fun ICRT's annual Reiki retreat from 2003 - 2010. There, I have attended workshop sessions, learned new techniques and met many special Reiki practitioners and friends.

   My Reiki practice includes Usui and Karuna Reiki®, Reiki Crystal Healing, Shamanic Healing, and listening with open ears and

an open heart to my clients and their needs. In 2000, I started teaching Level I and II Reiki classes including classes sponsored by

the Delaware County Cancer Coalition. I am grateful for this time of co-teaching with my friend and co-teacher Sandy Yost.

   I have given Reiki informational talks and offered Reiki at numerous events: health fairs, local area school fairs and conference day, MS walks, Relay for Life, The Spiritual Arts Fair, local festivals, the Delaware and Schoharie County office building Wellness Fairs, the PERMA Annual Conference Wellness Fairs, senior citizens groups, the previous annual Delaware County Cancer Coalition Conference, Rotary, the Middleburgh Library Wellness Fair and taught an informational Reiki class for The Center for Continuing Adult Learning in Oneonta.

   Previous memberships and volunteer positions included the Stamford Village Improvement Association (SVIA); the Greater Stamford Area Chamber of Commerce; Volunteer Assistant Manager of the local Pop-Up Farmers' Market for three years and the Chair/Rail auction fundraiser project in 2014 which raised funds for our local historic Railroad Station. I offered Reiki at the monthly free Mountaintop Wellness Clinic in Ashland, NY with other holistic practitioners from 2012-2015. In 2016, I offered Reiki at a monthly Reiki share in Oneonta with Jackie Madden, RMT. I am a member of a knitting group in Hobart, hosted by Kathy Duyer, owner of Creative Corner Books.

   In 2017, I started offering talks at the Stamford Village Library in Stamford, NY. These free talks have included the following topics to date: Reiki, Intentions and Gratitude for Your Most Joyful Heart, Life Changes - Dance With The Flow, and Free Your Clutter and Feed Your Joyful Heart, as well as a series of talks about meditation, EnLighten Your Life with Meditation. Information, techniques and positive ways of engaging fully and joyfully with your life, as well as resources (internet and motivational quotes) are shared. Discussion time where attendees can share ideas, suggestions and thoughts are part of the programs. 

   I am blessed to share my life with my husband Marty who found our little place of paradise in this fantastic valley we live in and

for all his love and laughter he brings to our relationship. Marty rescued our farmhouse and together we have created a wonderful, peaceful homestead for us. 

   Reiki has empowered me to live a more fulfilled life that is filled with the universal love, light, and wellness that Reiki brings. I look forward to meeting you. I enjoy helping people feel better and tune in to their personal life journey, whatever that may look like for an individual. Healing comes from within you; allow Reiki and crystal healing to light your way to your healthiest and joyful self! As we all evolve, may this loving light that we all are extend to our Earth Mother who greatly needs our love now.

Wishing you joy and a life filled with peace, fun, love and gratitude,

Myra Foland, Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner

"Myra Foland represents to me all that is good, kind and compassionate as a Reiki teacher. She gives joyfully, graciously and generously of her heart, her skills and her time. Myra’s Reiki skills are of the highest level and she brings a measure of relief and peace to all who seek her abilities." -- Sandy Yost, Reiki Master Teacher

Peaceful Valley Reiki & Crystal Healing

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