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Please e-mail to schedule a Distance Reiki session, to ask questions or to order gift certificates for distance Reiki sessions. 


Thank you for your interest in Peaceful Valley Reiki & Crystal Healing.

Take good care,


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Infinite Gratitude to:

Sensei Usui, Sensei Hayashi, Mrs. Takata,

Alda Peinkofer, Kris Kearns, Cate LaBarre, William Rand, Laurelle Gaia, Carolyn Musial;

Martha & Ike Slutsky, my parents; as well as all my guides, angels, power animals


all these dear ones named below.

The following classes have been part of my ongoing wellness journey since my Reiki journey began:

   Shamanic studies, Kristine Kearns; Animal Communication class, Carolyn Musial, of Mystic Wolf Healing Arts; Transformational & Integrative Reiki Breath, Pamela & Donald T. McMahon of the Heartspace Center of ONEness; Hathaway Alignment & sessions, Brenda & Harmon Hathaway; Cate LaBarre, Certified Integrative Coach; Coaching, Jennifer Yost, Certified Coach; Basic Level of Integrated Energy Therapy with Beth Purdy, Numerology Classes with Carol Sarcona; Yoga with Nancy Forstbauer; and Yoga classes with Rod Sauquillo. THANK YOU ALL.

Workshops & sessions with/at: 

   Marguerite Uhlmann-Bower, Nurse Herbalist; Lydia Garcia (Crystals & Reiki); Suzanne Summers (Reiki); Sarah Root & Dale Capristo; Massages from Carol Joy Campbell, Patricia Naffky & Darlene Abajian. Barbara Ellen (Aura photos & kinesiology); Jeanette Harper at Island Girl Henna; Jeanne Koeningsreuter (Readings and Emotion Code); Beth Purdy (IET, Akashic Reading and Shamanic Journeying). Healing sessions with Beth Purdy, Elyse Savoy, Kimberly Taylor, Carol Hall (crystal healing), Kathie Lipinski, (Reiki & mentoring), Joan Medsker (Acupuncture), Mary Ann Bucek-Kenny (Restorative Yoga); my Reiki & Karuna family, & my Circle sisters. THANK YOU ALL.

A world of thanks to:

   My clients and students, for all you have shared, taught me and continue to teach me. My world would not be the same without the life experiences we have shared together. Your open hearts and compassion are inspiring, all ways and always. It has been a JOY to see some of you become Reiki Masters & Teachers, thank you for spreading Reiki, your compassion and knowledge.

Special thanks to:

   Kayla, Virginia, Mr. Bill Parker & South Kortright Central School, for website design guidance; to Jackie Madden for her website help; to Chris Boken for your artistic input and friendship; to Anna Krusinski of Willow & Birch Apothecary for her gentle business guidance, website suggestions and friendship. Thanks to Cindy Howell of The Spiral Connection for her beautiful wire-wrapped crystal jewelry and her sisterly friendship. Thank you to my identical twin sister Barbara, my great brother-in-law Bob, my dear brother Jack, and his wonderful wife Kathy, my dearest Marty & ALL our sweet friends & family.


I am infinitely grateful to ALL you bright beings for your loving kindness and expertise you share from your hearts!

Love, peace and joy,


Peaceful Valley Reiki & Crystal Healing

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