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Reiki Sessions    Note: 2021 Reiki Sessions are being offered by Distance Reiki sessions until further notice, thank you for understanding.

   A Reiki session feels like warm, gentle sunshine that flows through you, around you and brings comfort. It is deeply relaxing. Reiki energy is transmitted through the practitioner’s hands placed lightly on or just above the client’s physical body. A clothed client rests peacefully on a massage table; chair sessions are also available. I offer half hour or one hour sessions. The Reiki energy flows naturally to wherever it is needed. Relaxing music is played during the session. I also offer Distance Reiki sessions.

What can you expect at a Reiki session?

   Clients often report a deep sense of relaxation with sensations of warmth, tingling or coolness. My clients share that they have felt: gentle warmth, deep relaxation, decreased stress, more balanced, refreshed, increased energy, more hopeful and happier after their Reiki sessions.

How many sessions do you need?

   The client and the nature of the issue or condition she or he is experiencing can determine the amount of Reiki sessions a client schedules. I encourage my clients to experience the benefits of Reiki at least once; additional sessions may be helpful for concerns or health situations that have been ongoing. I encourage my clients to make his or her own decision about additional sessions. I offer special client packages for multiple sessions. Contact me for more information about multiple session discounts.

Reiki Sessions for cancer patients and survivors:

“Reiki helps reduce anxiety, relieves pain, and brings a sense of healing, relaxation and serenity when dealing with difficult health issues such as cancer.” -- A cancer survivor

   Chemotherapy and radiation patients who have received Reiki have noticed a marked decrease in side effects from treatment. After Reiki, there often is a decrease in pain medications taken and pain felt by cancer patients; Reiki creates deep relaxation, and when you are relaxed you have a decreased perception of pain. Reiki also helps release anxiety, helping you to feel better emotionally. Reiki is very comforting for cancer patients and survivors.


   Reiki Sessions for caregivers are also beneficial for emotional, mental and physical support. Caregiving is often challenging and Reiki provides support and needed relaxation. I gently encourage caregivers as well as their loved ones to experience Reiki.

Peaceful Valley Reiki & Crystal Healing

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